Month: August 2014

Rome Colliseum (14)

Buon Giornio Sweet Friends! Our cruise ended in Rome after 7 glorious days through the Greek Isles. I love Roma. I’ve been several times and eac...

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Roma Part 1

City Hall

Guten Tag Sweet Friends! I just returned from four days in Munich and I fell in love with the city and Bavaria! The city is easy to navigate and it...

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Munchen Magic

Dachau gate - Work Makes Freedom

Guten Tag Sweet Friends! I just returned from a long weekend in Munich, and I have to say it’s my favorite German city so far! I love Munich. I ...

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Koblenz Palace (2)

Guten Tag Sweet Friends! Today, I breathed a sigh of relief. I am at a point now that I can relax and start to anticipate my upcoming trips. I have do...

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Munich Bound!


Guten Tag Sweet Friends! Yesterday, I got busted again for not posting anything. Like I told Tam Tam, all I’ve been doing since I returned from ...

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A Walk Through the Garden