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Aloha Y’all!

Thank you for visiting my page to track my adventures. I am embarking on another new chapter in my life. My friends thought I was having a mid-life crisis when I moved from Memphis, TN to Honolulu, HI 3 1/2 years ago. Now they just think I’m crazy. I’m saying aloha to paradise and moving almost exactly half-way around the world to Cologne, Germany. I plan to stay there for the next two years, not working, living with a friend and traveling around central Europe. I’ve always wanted to live in Europe so when the opportunity was placed in front of me, on the table, in my lap, with a big fat cherry on top, I said, “How soon can I move in?”

Once again, I quit my job, sold everything and moved. Parting with stuff is way easier than parting with friends though, and this parting was especially difficult. Selling everything is quite liberating actually; everyone should do it at least once. Leaving everything and everyone you know is equally liberating, but bittersweet indeed.

Now, I’m back in Memphis to see family and friends before crossing the pond to the land of beer, butter and bratwurst. Did I mention I’m vegan and a non-drinker? 🙂

Stay tuned for tons of pictures and posts on living a clean, sober, healthy life in Deutschland. Auf Wiedersehen Y’all!


PS – Many people ask how I got the nickname Weezie. Well, the story is quite benign actually. I played Louisa in The Fantasticks MANY years ago in a small but award-winning community theatre, Kudzu Playhouse, in Mississippi. During the run of the show, everyone called me Weezie, and it just stuck. See, totally harmless.

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  1. OMG I would do the same thing. Have fun and yes I will be checking in because I love to hear wonderful stories and how great someone is doing. Take care & God bless you my FRIEND!!!

  2. Oh Weezie:
    There is a big hole here without you. Work and play just aren’t the same without your beautiful, bright, positive, sunny diposition and huger-than-life personality. I miss you so much but am SOOOOOOO happy that you are living life to the fullest and gathering as many adventures and friends and experiences that you can. Germany will be a better place once you are there…you seem to have that effect on everything you touch. I love you, TamTam

  3. Thank you my sweet friend! I miss you, miss Hawaii and the world you opened to me!!

  4. This is Jessica, Lucy’s daughter. She told me about your blog and I am excited to read about your adventures. It’s such an incredible experience! I hope all is well!

    • Hi Jessica!!! I’m thrilled that you’re giving my journal a read. I hope you and Lucy had a great Mother’s Day together and that you are enjoying life!! Keep reading; I’m going to Bruges, Belgium this week and then Paris the following week, so lots of pix to be posted!

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