Guten Tag Sweet Friends!

Well, the perfect fall weather was indeed short-lived. Yesterday and today, it is completely grey outside with a sky that threatens to rain all day and temps in the 50’s. Oh, well, I enjoyed it while it lasted.

I did enjoy the movie Gone Girl very much! If you get a chance, go see it!! It’s definitely worth the price of admission and its good reviews are well-deserved.

Today I continue my travel planning for both London and Barcelona. Wow, London is going to be an expensive trip, and I certainly don’t want to waste any of my precious pounds, so I’m doing tons of research on everything from 2-for-1 offers to the Oyster card. Fortunately, there are hundreds of resources out there. One of the best I’ve found for London, and other cities, is It has tons of great, objective info regarding getting there, getting from your airport (there are several) to the city, getting around on the Tube, sightseeing, etc. Trip Advisor is always a good resource but you have to dig through a lot of forums sometimes. I’ve googled “tool kits” for other cities and found similar sights with tons of useful information.

The hotel is going to be our biggest expense. We finally booked a room at the Travelodge at Covent Garden. They advertise rooms starting at 79 pounds, but when you select your dates it’s usually much higher. We finally booked a double room for five nights at  605 pounds or about $970. And this is a CHEAP room! This hotel is kinda like Ryan Air, no frills. Breakfast is not included, you have to pay 10 pounds more to check in at noon, hairdryers are on request, no bath products other than soap, etc. But, the hotel is new and the beds are king size, which is very unusual, and the rooms look somewhat spacious, relatively. Think of Ryan Air meets a cruise ship room! That is where we are staying 🙂

That’s ok. We will spend our precious pounds on other fun things like seeing Book of Mormon!! I am so excited about seeing this show. We are also going to see Here Lies Love, a new musical about Imelda Marcos. I know, right!?! I can’t wait. The show is interactive and lots of dancing is encouraged. We are in the ‘pit’ where all the dancing goes on. I’m super pumped!

Additionally, we are booked to see the London Eye and London Dungeon, Tower of London, and a Changing of the Guard tour. With my Stansted Express ticket to/from the airport to the city, I get many 2 for 1 offers so we are taking advantage of several. We’ll do all the other sights too, Big Ben, Piccadilly Circus, all the palaces, etc. So much to see and do in just five days but with the help of, you can plan an itinerary that allows you to map out everything you want to see in your allotted amount of time. It’s another great tool for travel planning. Be sure to check it out!

I leave early Thursday morning for London. Hope the weather is decent. I’ve always said that October is the perfect month almost everywhere in the world. Time to test that theory! I got my fingers crossed and my umbrella packed!

Hope your day is packed with fun plans and adventures! Cheerio!


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