Guten tag sweet friends!

I’m back in Koln and it’s a beautiful sunny day!!! I finally posted all my Vienna pix. You can see all of them by clicking on the Photos button at the top of the page and selecting Vienna. It’s just difficult and time consuming to upload them in the hotel room. The internet connection is too slow and it takes forever and usually times out.

In reflection, I think the highlights of my trip were:

The Moscow Boys Choir – I stumbled into the church quite by accident and was delighted to be a part of the debut of the Moscow Boys Choir. It was magical, and the next day, I ran into the group of boys and their chaperones as they were getting off the tram and I was getting on. They all had on their red and white Moscow Boys Choir DEBUT t-shirts so I recognized them immediately. I tapped one of the boys on the shoulder and said, in English, I really enjoyed your concert last night. I was hoping that one of them might speak English. But he looked at me somewhat dazed and then looked around desperately for an adult chaperone. One of the adults came over and I repeated my comment. He smiled a big smile and said thank you and waved as I was getting on the tram. He apparently told several of the other chaperones and the boys because they all turned to me on the train and wave enthusiastically as we drove off. It was very sweet. They seemed so delighted that I recognized them and commented on their performance.

The Chamber Music Concert – I really enjoyed the music in that lovely room. The sound was heavenly and warm like a blanket on a cold night. They may have converted me into a classical music fan after all!

All the palaces and museums were over the top as were all the churches, city squares and fountains. I really, truly love Vienna and I will return soon so that I can explore more of the city. There’s so much I didn’t get to see!!! But the two concerts were once in a lifetime events that can’t be duplicated, hence their top position as the highlights of my trip.

Enjoy the pix sweet friends!!


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