Month: June 2014


Guten Tag Sweet Friends! I’m sure you have all heard the expression, “count your blessings,” but do you remember the song? “Co...

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It’s A Blessing!

Nuremberg square

Guten Tag Sweet Friends! Today is my own personal D-Day. I’m sure eveyone has their own day of destiny, the day that will live in infamy, at lea...

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Lucky Me!

Guten Tag Sweet Friends! Ever heard the expression, “first world problems?” This is of course opposed to third world problems, i.e. seriou...

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First World Problems

Parco arch of peace

Buongiorno Sweet Friends! I spent so much time at the Duomo on my first day in Milano, I had to spend my second day catching up to my itinerary!! Afte...

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Magnificent Milano – Part 2


Buongiorno Sweet Friends! Today I returned from three wonderful days in Milano Italy! I have been unable to post anything until today due to intermitt...

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Magnificent Milano – Part 1


Guten Tag Sweet Friends! Yesterday was Father’s Day. It’s a very bittersweet holiday for me. The father I thought I knew is gone, and I ch...

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Father’s Day


Guten Tag Sweet Friends! Today I participated in Cologne’s Race for the Cure as part of the FedEx team. This is relatively a new race, so it was...

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Race Day in Koln

Burg Elz

Guten Tag Sweet Friends! We just returned from a 3-day road trip down the Mosel river from Koln to Trier – 120 miles of castles, vineyards, vill...

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Mosel River Road Trip