St Paul's Cathedral

Hallo Sweet Friends! My fun London love affair was just too much for one post; it may be too much for two posts. We shall see… Saturday morning ...

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Lovin’ London Part 2

Easter brunch with my Memphis family.

  Today was a gorgeous Easter Sunday, and I spent they day with my son, my ex-husband, his other son (my “half son by marriage twice remove...

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High Holiday

Sanitation Workers strike in Memphis, TN.

I spent yesterday afternoon at the Civil Rights Museum in Memphis. The museum, located at the infamous Lorraine Motel where MLK was killed, was rec...

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Civil Unrest

The best barista, waiter, and kid on the planet. Yes, I'm biased. Stop by Bronte Café and see for yourself.

Yes, I am a little biased, and yes I am bragging a lil bit; BUT, I have to say that this fine fellow is the BEST barista in the city and the BEST kid ...

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Best Boy!

Ready to take on the world!

It’s been said, there’s no place like home; but the flip side of that is, you can’t go back home. I have found both to be true. Bein...

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You Can’t Go Back Home

Beautiful spring tulips at the market.

Aloha sweet friends and welcome to my blog Where is Weezie! To learn more about me, click on About above. To see all my photos, just click on, you gue...

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Hello world!