I met my Hawaii BFF Tam Tam in Berlin and we flew to Bergen Norway where we traveled on-board a Hurtigruten cruise ship up the coast of Norway to Tromso. We were in search of the Northern Lights; unfortunately, we did not see them due to the very bad, rough weather caused by Hurricane Ole. I’m not even kidding. I survived four years in Hawaii without a hurricane so I have to go to Norway to finally get pummeled. We actually had to lay over in a fjord outside of Tromsford to wait out the storm.

After the cruise, we traveled by car and ferry to the Arctic Panorama Lodge in Skjervoy. It was a three hour transfer that was scary at time due to all the snow and ice but the lodge was totally worth it! We spent three nights there with Sven and Aud in their magnificent lodge where we went snow shoeing and snow mobiling, and dog and reindeer sledding!! It was awesome, and I HATE cold weather! While we enjoyed our arctic adventure, I hate we didn’t get to see the lights. Maybe next year…


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