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IMG_7059Week 2 at Vaughan Town was an entirely different experience from the first week. While the general schedule remained the same, the weather, the new Master of Ceremonies, Program Director and the group made it a very different experience.

After my weekend in the city of Avila, I met a new group of Alglos and Spanairds at the bus stop Sunday morning and enjoyed meeting a new speaking partner on the bus. There were several Anglo veterans returning for their second week, so I knew several of the Anglos already. That first Sunday is always nerve-wrecking for the Spanairds. They are very self-conscious of their English, they are nervous about speaking to a total stranger and you can feel their anxiety when you approach them for a conversation. As a volunteer, part of my job is to relieve their anxiety, put them at ease and build their confidence as an English speaker.¬†From Avila, it’s another hour’s drive to Gredos so we enjoyed our first one-to-one on the bus. During one-to-one’s you can talk about anything you like. As soon as I tell someone I’m coming from Hawaii, the conversation immediately turns to the islands, the weather, the beacheIMG_7061s, etc. I’m always happy to share pictures of my paradise with them. It’s a great conversation opener!

It snowed for the first time that Sunday as we left Avila for Gredos, but certainly not the last! It snowed all week!! It was beautiful but the weather curtailed most all outdoor walking and activities; so no walks to the river or town to break up the day, nor scavenger hunt to Barco de Avila mid-week. Staying inside the lobby area all week got a little confining by the end of the week, but our MC did her best to make things fun. IMG_7064

We followed the same schedule as Week 1, i.e. late meals, skits and entertainment every night, etc.; but this week, their were no guitar players so no late night jam sessions plus the group was a bit older so no youngin’s keeping me up late at night talking and singing. But, this was a very good thing because I felt more rested at the end of the week and was able to enjoy the Thursday night dance party. I danced until 1:30 AM and had a wonderful time. In fact I felt great Friday morning after dancing my dinner away and continually drinking water all night.

Friday morning, we had our final one-to-one’s and lunch before boarding the bus for Madrid. I decided to stay in Madrid and enjoy a very quiet weekend on my own, not talking just reading. I got a pedicure and a massage on Saturday (Ahhhhhhh!) and went to bed early since I had to meet my new group of victims Sunday morning for yet another week of Vaughan Town in Puerto de Gredos.IMG_7066

While my second week was very different from the first, it was equally rewarding and I met another group of wonderful people. I had to say goodbye to all my new friends Friday afternoon as we pulled in to Madrid, but we promised to keep in touch through email and Facebook and our respective blogs. Vaughan Town has been yet another great experience for me, and I’m so very grateful to have met such wonderful people along the way.

I hope you are enjoying your personal journey and that you cherish every new person who enters your life, learn from every new experience that you have (good or bad), and treasure every memory.

Now, onto Week 3!!! Adios amigos!










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  1. I love that you make the most of every minute of your adventure. You are an amazing woman, and very inspirational. Thanks for always sharing with us.

    • Thank you Lucy!!! It makes me so happy that you are still reading my blog and keeping up with my adventures!! Much love and aloha my friend!

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