Month: December 2014


Good Day Sweet Friends! I’m currently in London enjoying Christmas with my friend Julia. Alert readers will recall that I was in London back in ...

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London for the Holidays!


Shalom Sweet Friends! It’s Tuesday, December 9th, and today I have a half day tour to Bethlehem and afterwards, I am going with Helen to Yad Vas...

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Bethlehem and Yad Vashem


Shalom Sweet Friends! As I said in my previous post, Petra deserves its own page as it was one of the stand-outs of my trip! When we woke up the next ...

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Petra Jordan


Shalom Sweet Friends! It’s Saturday, so most of the new city is closed for the Sabbath. There are no trains or buses and the city is eerily quie...

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Shalom Sweet Friends! Rachel and Moshe’s wedding was a wonderful event and the very reason I came to Israel to begin with. Having come all this ...

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Jerusalem Bound


Shalom Sweet Friends! I arrived in Tel Aviv on Sunday, November 30 in the evening. I took an expensive cab ride from the airport to the Airbnb propert...

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Tel Aviv, Israel