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In an effort to continue my travels and writing my long overdue book, I have entered the world of international house sitting. Yup, it’s an actual profession for some folks! When I jokingly remarked to a friend that I wanted to be a professional house sitter, she said, well why don’t you look into it; and so I did. To my surprise, there are many websites to facilitate this. I now have a profile on two websites – and These websites allow home owners needing a house sitter and house sitters like myself to find one another. House sitting is largely an unpaid job; the sitter gets a free place to stay and explore whatever area they are in. The homeowner gets a free sitter and peace of mind that their home and pets and plants are being cared for.

There are thousands of different house sits across the globe! There are also thousands of house sitters and it’s very competitive, although not cut throat; but getting your first house sit can be difficult without all the professional references that others have. So you have to build a profile and video that sets you apart. You can see part of my profile below:

I bring years of home and pet owner experience as well as caring for the homes and pets of my family and friends. This is my first “professional” experience with house sitting, as I’ve always just helped out family and friends, caring for their homes and pets while they were out of town. I recently house sit for a month for a friend of mine and while he was gone, I rearranged his kitchen cabinets and laundry room, organizing products and spices using bins and special shelving. He was thrilled when he came home! Him being a bachelor, he didn’t have the time or see the need to have an organized pantry and laundry room but he was certainly pleased with the results. I also did a two week house sit for a dear friend of mine that included her house, her two dogs and her 15 year old son! It was my responsibility to ensure the dogs and her teenager were fed and groomed, make sure her son got to school on time with breakfast in his belly and lunch in hand, work with her son on homework assignments and send him off to bed at a reasonable hour. It was a fun two weeks but I have to say, caring for the pups was far easier than the teenager!!

I provide responsible home care. I bring years of home owner experience to your home. Despite being a single mom for many years, I have owned and flipped numerous homes on my own. I specialize in do-it-yourself home repairs, gardening, painting, wallpapering, tiling, grouting, plumbing and even some electrical work. I’ve created beautiful rose gardens from nothing, spending hours after work and on weekends tending to my plants. I’ve built rose gardens, rock gardens, vegetable gardens, raised beds, and both shade and sun gardens. One particular house sit I did for a friend not too long ago, I rearranged his pantry, cupboards and laundry room, rehung a light fixture, and cleaned up his back yard adding some landscaping elements. He was thrilled when he came home. He didn’t ask me to do these things, I just saw it needed to be done and did it.

I provide love, affection and care to your beloved pets. My son and I always had pets in our home – we had kitties Salem, Albert and Elvis; our guinea pig Brownie, several fish, one turtle, and our Boxer Max. Sadly all of my babies have gone now – Elvis was the last to leave the building – and since I’ve been traveling I haven’t been able to keep pets. I miss being able to cuddle up on the couch with my cats or dog whilst reading a book. Pets give our life purpose. They give us a reason for waking up early and give back exponentially more. While you’re away, I provide all the love, care, and kisses they are used to. I will be there every day and every night to make sure they are cared for, and I will keep you informed every step of the way! We can stay in touch through email, Skype, phone calls – whatever method you choose and as often as you like.

I provide peace of mind while you are away. I don’t smoke, drink, and I’m not a party girl. I’m a vegan pet-lover who will love and care for your home and your furry babies like they are my own. I am security-minded and put the safety of your pets and your home above all else. I know that leaving everything you own and value in the hands of a stranger is a monumental decision, and I want to help you make that decision.

I invite you to read my profile and references. In addition, I have a police check that can be forwarded on request. I hope we can talk soon!

So if you are looking for a house sitter or know of someone who need a house/pet sitter, send them to my website profiles at TrustedHouseSitters as well as MindMyHouse.


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