House Sitting

Clock Tower at Parliament - nope it's not called Big Ben. The bell inside is Big Ben.

Hello Sweet Friends! I am still in London with my friend Julia, and we have spent the days/nights since Christmas enjoying more movies and theatre and...

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NYE 2014 and Other Fun Stuff


Good Day Sweet Friends! I’m currently in London enjoying Christmas with my friend Julia. Alert readers will recall that I was in London back in ...

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London for the Holidays!


Yassoo Sweet Friends! It’s the day after ThanksgivingĀ  otherwise known as “Black Friday.” It’s the day thousands of shoppers ...

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Grateful in Greece


Ya’ssoo Sweet Friends! Well, the sunny skies and beautiful weather did not last through the weekend. A cold front has moved in along with high w...

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Delenia Weekend Update


Yassoo Sweet Friends! Yesterday was another glorious day in Delenia Greece! The sun was shining all day, the sky was blue and while the wind made it a...

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Delenia Feathers & Fur


Ya’ssoo Sweet Friends! I’m in Evia Greece for two weeks on my first official house sit. Evia is the second largest island in Greece and lo...

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Delenia Greece

Covent Garden

Guten Tag Sweet Friends! Where is Weezie indeed! I’m beginning to wonder myself. I have so many upcoming trips that I’m having to create a...

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Where is Weezie?