Hei Sweet Friends! Today’s post recalls the morning of Friday, February 13 (ooooooh, Friday the 13th!) and mine and Tam’s long journey fro...

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Journey to Copenhagen


Hei Sweet Friends! Thanks for coming back to hear more of mine and Tam’s Arctic North Adventure! We survived Hurricane Ole (yup, they actually g...

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Tromso, Norway


Hei Sweet Friends! It’s finally, finally here!!! My big snowy adventure to Norway with Tam Tam is finally happening!!! WOOHOO! We have been plan...

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Norway – Bergen to Tromso


    Hola Sweet Friends!! I finally have a moment to complete my post on my third and final week at Vaughan Town. I’ve learned that posting fr...

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Vaughan Town Week 3


Buenos Dias Sweet Friends! Week 2 at Vaughan Town was an entirely different experience from the first week. While the general schedule remained the sa...

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Vaughan Town Week 2

Vaughan Town

Buenos Dias Sweet Friends! I have completed my first week at Vaughan Town in Barco de Avila Spain, and I have to say it was one of the most rewarding,...

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Vaughan Town Week 1


Guten Tag Sweet Friends! This morning I am reflecting on what an amazing year I have had!! I have reread all my posts and looked through  my pictures...

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An Amazing Year!

Clock Tower at Parliament - nope it's not called Big Ben. The bell inside is Big Ben.

Hello Sweet Friends! I am still in London with my friend Julia, and we have spent the days/nights since Christmas enjoying more movies and theatre and...

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NYE 2014 and Other Fun Stuff


Good Day Sweet Friends! I’m currently in London enjoying Christmas with my friend Julia. Alert readers will recall that I was in London back in ...

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London for the Holidays!